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Our dedicated team is proud to offer a 100% free streaming audio radio station that is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! We strongly believe in the 1st Amendment and the Freedom Of Speech is something we feel is worth fighting for! Tunez From The Underground is fully sponsored by Micetrap Distributon LLC. and features music from their releases, in addition to unreleased songs, live tracks, demos, interviews and many other goodies! If it's not on a major label and it's something you wouldn't find in your local music store, odds are it's in our rotation. You will find all of the greats like Skrewdriver, Hassgesang, Landser, Johnny Rebel, Brutal Attack, No Remorse, Bound For Glory and much, much more! We have THOUSANDS of songs in our play list and add hundreds of new songs every week! We were the first, remain as the best and are always getting better! Tunez From The Underground is a completely redesigned and reprogrammed version of the very first internet radio program to play exclusively underground music and bands and we are proud to have the largest (and always growing) listening audience! We are extremely proud to be on the cutting edge of technology and feel that this is the most exciting way to bring music, news, current events and info to our customers and supporters.

We are currently working on applications that will be available in the Apple and Google Play Stores and hope to have an entire new layout very soon!

The music we play contains content that varies and you never know what will be playing next. Our only rule is that we play anything from the underground without any concerns of the musical lyrics and we will shut down before we disriminate against any genre or band. You will never find censorship on our station!
Do you have a band or record label that is interested in having your album added to our station? For only 10 copies of your title (this doesn't need to be a cd you released, it can be something you sell and have numerous copies), we will convert it to high quality mp3s, add the cover artwork and each time the song plays, it will post a link directly to you. This is a one-time fee and once it's set up, you will never have to pay anything ever again. Whenever the songs play, listeners are supplied with a link directly to your shop or website. This offer is available to all record labels and bands.

If you have a website or band and would like to create advertisements for yourself in mp3 format, you can also E-Mail us the finished mp3s directly to us using this link. Advertisements will always be 100% FREE! We would also love to add your banners and links.

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The Tunez From The Underground streaming internet music station is completely FREE! Brought to you by Micetrap Records